Chinki – A Sweet Little Story

Every time we thought it was a spirit knocking behind the door of the room we kept locked as if someone who wants to make its presence felt and more emphatically in the night. We waited for the morning to investigate, all we found was a cat who had breathed her last, and it wasContinue reading “Chinki – A Sweet Little Story”

There Will Be Dawn Again | The Poetry of Hope

If we look back, these were not just tough times, but the worst of times. There can be no words that may express the darkness that we experienced. But as we move forward, we certainly move with a heavy heart with moments of togetherness with our loved ones now becoming memories, and still, we knowContinue reading “There Will Be Dawn Again | The Poetry of Hope”

The Psychology of Smoking : World No Tobacco Day

Say no to what you know you should say no to. As the theme of World Tobacco Day says “Commit to Quit”, let’s get into the depths of this act. There are two reasons why people get into addictions : culture and escapism The illusion of fun is the first choice for us today andContinue reading “The Psychology of Smoking : World No Tobacco Day”

The Dichotomy Of Appearances

It’s said that they are deceptive but for me, appearances are a veil to something which hasn’t found the courage to be revealed. If we see things from a different perspective, a person who seems to be rude isn’t because of his or her inability to be nice but because of a subtle choice thatContinue reading “The Dichotomy Of Appearances”

The Moment You Want To Wake Up But Cannot

Was there, something, I saw, was it a demon, an evil spirit, or a thief, but no, they’re just imaginations, aren’t they. Oh God, but I can see it, there is something or someone whose shadow is clearly felt. Panic strikes, I’m shouting but no sound comes, I’m trying to move but I cant, thisContinue reading “The Moment You Want To Wake Up But Cannot”

The Answers To Our Subsconscious Queries | Video

This is an effort to spread a bit of positivity and calm in the storm, hope you guys like it. Trying to share opinions with a Youtube approach, What do you think can be the approach to solve problems, mental and behavioural? Do you need some guide or friends help or is it your ownContinue reading “The Answers To Our Subsconscious Queries | Video”

Safar Me Dhoop To Hogi | Nida Fazli | Video

This is a recitation of a famous Ghazal of the legendary Nida Fazli Sahab on Youtube. Muqtida Hasan Nida Fazli (1938 – 2016), was a famous poet, lyricist and dialogue writer. Honoured by the Padma Shri in 2013, his writings have a special place in the hearts of every generation of people.We have heard his songsContinue reading “Safar Me Dhoop To Hogi | Nida Fazli | Video”

An New Journey On Youtube

A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step. – Lao Tzu This quote perfectly inspires what I believe is a trailer towards something I am gradually trying to begin. This idea of a channel came while watching content that has stimulated my thinking since years. And the future is certainly the virtualContinue reading “An New Journey On Youtube”

The Love For Words

It’s has been a while since, I’ve started writing and reading blogs, and honestly if there’s a place that remains unaffected by toxicity is this. I feel really fortunate to be part of a community like this. I guess people who read have an enormous level of understanding about the world, they know very wellContinue reading “The Love For Words”

Guide To Healthy Relationships : Blaming No One But You

It seems interesting that the biggest conflicts happen for small reasons. Did you fight that whole dark night for a little sentence that contained no significance and meaning but was just uttered? You know you get hurt when someone who you have expectations from, doesn’t listen and follows what you wished or requested. Although yourContinue reading “Guide To Healthy Relationships : Blaming No One But You”